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Thanks so much for taking the time to fill out this survey. This survey is 100% anonymous and we plan to release the data in early 2018. I really appreciate your time in contributing to our first ever State of Remote Work.
- Hailley and the Buffer team
Do you work remotely sometimes? *

What level are you in your role? *

Do you primarily freelance or work remote for a company? *

Did you always intend to support remote work?

What changed your mind to decide to support remote work?

How many full-time employees does your company have?

What percentage of the company’s employees work remotely?

Do you also freelance?

How much do you make a year?

How long have you been in your current role? *

How long have you worked remotely? *

How much vacation did you take in the past year? *

Are you remote 100% of the time? *

What percentage of the time do you work remotely?

Do you plan on increasing the amount of time you work remotely in 2018?

Where do you primarily work from? *

Where else do you typically work from? *

If you work for a company, do they pay for your internet?

If you work from cafes, how much do you spend on coffee/tea per week?

If you work from coworking spaces, how much do you spend on coworking spaces a month?

If you work for a company, do they pay for your coworking space?

Do you ever travel outside of your home city and work at the same time? *

What percentage of the year do you travel and work remotely?

Do you plan to work remotely for the rest of your career if possible? *

How much longer do you plan to work remotely? *

Would you ever work in an office again? *

What’s the biggest struggle with working remotely? *

What’s the biggest benefit to working remotely? *

Do you encourage others to work remotely? *

On behalf of the Buffer and Workfrom teams, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking our survey!

We're super excited to share the results with you soon :)
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